What would result from the meeting of: Wild, redhead passionate of music, known from The Voice of Poland - who cannot imagine even a day without singing, Engineer and a father, who transforms himself into a rock-man, while grabbing his retuned guitar, European guy with his daily routine in IT programming, who could successfully improvise the music with jazz oriented instrumentalists, Young student of classical percussion from Musical University, who prefers djent rather than listening to the classical canon, and the great keen of body building and lower tones in music – directly responsible for this commotion? TENSION ZERO! Like our life is diversified, the music we created breaks through the schematics and conventions, being at the same time new quality when progressive rock and metal are concerned. Being fascinated by the greatest representatives of maverick genres, we shaped our own world of sounds in Poland, combining stark melodies, edgy harmonies and rhythms together with lyrics, able to touch human emotions deeply. Getting to the end with the work related to our debut long-play ‘Human.exe’, engineered by the producer of Coma – Tomasz ‘ZED’ Zalewski, we are preparing ourselves for the first European Tour, that is going to take place in November.